Liqee is the first liquid staking assets lending market powered by dForce’s lending protocol. It also provides tokenization for PoS and mining facilities and provide PoS staking services across a number of networks.

We strive to become the largest lending protocol for liquid staking tokens and a unified portal for liquid staking markets.

We implement a multi-chain strategy and are currently deployed on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


A lending market powered by dForce Lending protocol’s smart contract covering Liquid Staking Assets (LSA), such as PoS staking tokens, DeFi staking tokens, and mining assets certificates. Borrowers can deposit these tokens as collaterals to borrow the underlying tokens or stablecoins like USX.

All crypto loans will run through automatically-executed smart contracts, removing the need for intermediaries and associated costs.


Tokenized representations of bonded PoS assets, staking assets and mining assets. First two of such tAssets to launch on Liqee are tFIL and tXTZ. tFil is a Filecoin token certificate backed by actual filecoin pledged for mining and associated mining equipments, and tXTZ is token certificate representing collateralized XTZ deposit (Tezos network token) by Tezos validators.

tToken are supported as collaterals in our lending market.


Liqee is also actively participating in securing PoS networks by providing validation services, for networks, such as Cosmos, Tezos, and more, and it’s looking to expand to other PoS networks. Token holders can delegate their PoS staking tokens to Liqee validators offering the best rates.


Access Liqee protocol from here.


Please do NOT directly transfer any digital assets to the contracts, which will cause a permanent loss and we cannot help reverse transactions or retrieve assets from the contract. Please access from the protocol.

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